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Newsletter: Health Care is Self-Care

We have been through a lot collectively this past year and a half. Many things we counted upon as “normal” have been shattered and each one of us has had to invent – or try to invent – a new sense of normalcy. That process has been difficult, abnormal, and seemingly endless. These past few months we have seen a lot of mental health related concerns here at Cherry Blossom as everyone tries to shift their reinvented “normal” to something else yet again…

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Woman Owned Businesses

Savor It StudiosMichelle Cohen does it all. She’s a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher AND she’s a birth and postpartum doula here in Washington, DC. Michelle started Savor It Studios after the birth of her son.

Here is her story: “Three months after the birth of my first son, I was in a restaurant alone, trying to nurse and soothe him. I still felt like I was getting my grounding as a mom, and in that moment I was proud of having made it out of the house alone. I was ruminating on my new sense of self, reflecting on how insanely hard this experience was, and strongly desiring a reconnection to my former creative self when a group of older women walked by and said, ‘Savor it. It passes so quickly.'”                                                                                                                     

Learn more about Michelle and Savor It Studios here!

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