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Our Services

We personalize our patient's treatments by taking a holistic view of their current health and wellness

What We Treat

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treat a wide variety of ailments, as well as support various biomedical procedures

Pain Relief

Acupuncture works with the natural processes of the body to target pain receptors and stimulate long-term healing.  We can help:

  • Acute (recent) or chronic (ongoing) pain

  • Recovery from outpatient or inpatient procedures or surgery

  • Sports injury or pain from overuse

Perinatal Care

We care for women through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, from the first trimester to the first year of motherhood. We specialize in treating:

  • Morning sickness

  • Pain associated with pregnancy

  • Heartburn

  • Labor induction

  • Breech presentation

Cold & Flu

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can shorten the duration and severity of colds and flus by strengthening the body’s immune system. We can help:

  • Early-stage common cold or flu

  • Difficulty getting over a cold or flu

  • Boost immunity to get through cold and flu season

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of seasonal allergies

Fertility Care

We take a caring approach to family planning and fertility. Acupuncture can help increase pregnancy in couples who are trying to conceive whether they are using Assisted Reproductive Technology or not. We can help:


  • Increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus

  • Increase chances of implantation

  • Increase the incidence of viable follicles during STIM

Anxiety & Depression

Acupuncture is an excellent complementary therapy to traditional mental health care. We believe in a multi-pronged approach to treating anxiety and depression, and will support your progress through the stressors of daily life. We can: 

  • Treat physiological symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Mitigate the body's fight-or-flight response to stress

  • Alleviate symptoms of IBS and other ailments exacerbated by stress


​Good sleep is the foundation for optimal wellness. Acupuncture and herbs have been shown to increase the total amount of sleep and sleep quality. We can help:

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep

  • Ease reliance on prescription medication for insomnia

  • Fulfill more restorative sleep sessions

How We Heal

We utilize all modalities of Chinese medicine to address imbalances and disorders

Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Balancing the body with time-tested, safe and effective techniques to relieve pain and stress with acupuncture and moxibustion

Herbal Medicine

Customized internal medicine herbal formulas to treat each patient’s individual needs

Cupping & Gua Sha

Adjunctive therapies that increase blood flow and reduce muscle tension

Nutrition Planning

Customized nutrition and wellness with a focus on whole foods and nourishing practices


Insurance & Pricing

We are in-network with Cigna, Aetna, and CareFirst BlueCross. You may have out-of-network benefits, and we also offer self-pay options. 

We Are In-Network With:

Out of Network Benefits

If you do not have insurance with one of our three in-network insurance companies, you may still have  out-of-network benefits with your provider.


Other Pricing Information

If you know you do not have insurance benefits, please call us at 202.681.1588 or email us at 

info@cherryblossomhealingarts.com to discuss self-pay options.

For all patients, herbs are not included in the treatment price. Herbs are not always prescribed and vary in price, depending on the prescription.

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