Qianlei Li, MSOM, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.

Associate Acupuncturist

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Cherry Blossoms

I’m a second-generation Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Hi! I’m Qianlei (pronounced Chin-Lay). Born and raised in China, I grew up seeing the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I moved to the States in 2013 with the mission to let more people know the power of TCM.

TCM is wonderful at preventing health conditions while treating existing ones. I want you to know that when you’re sick, you have the option of taking Chinese herbs in addition to drugs. When you have pain, you can rely on acupuncture in addition to physical therapy. This is my mission for life, and I will forever pursue it.

Cherry Blossoms

TCM Isn’t Just My Career—It Defines Me

My grandma was diagnosed with uremic acidosis in 1978 when dialysis wasn’t available in China. She was unable to take any western medicine drugs due to nephrotoxicity. Her only option was Chinese herbal medicine. After years of constant TCM treatment, she recovered with only one working kidney. She is turning 84 in two months—and is in great health.

Since TCM saved my grandma’s life, she encouraged my mom to study it. I grew up in a TCM family where both of my parents are top TCM doctors in Shanghai, China. I’ve witnessed first-hand the magic of TCM for as far as I can remember.

I was rejected to attend school due to a fever during SARS in 2003, but one bowl of bitter Chinese herbs made my fever go away. I saw women suffering for years from infertility get pregnant after taking herbs prescribed by my mom. Blood tests of hepatitis patients improved to normal levels after taking herbs prescribed by my dad for three months. I remember seeing my uncle’s high blood pressure dropped right after one acupuncture treatment.

TCM has always been my go-to treatment plan whenever I am sick!

My Educational Journey

During my time in Georgetown University for my Master’s degree in Biochemistry, I was involved in a research on how an herbal extract helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

From there, I went to the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine and graduated with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Master of Science in Acupuncture. Board certified and licensed, I worked in a TCM hospital in Shanghai, China, where I treated over 4,800 patients with a wide range of health concerns, from pain management to oncology.

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Supporting Your Recovery


...she went above and beyond to help me recover!

Qianlei treated me for severe digestive and gastrointestinal issues. I noticed her acupuncture needling technique stood out amongst most other TCM practitioners. Amazingly, they generally didn't hurt.

Qianlei was professional, patient, supportive, friendly, and followed up without missing a beat. I was most impressed that she went above and beyond to help me recover! Her infectious enthusiasm and belief in TCM kept me going, especially at times when I was in so much pain and wondered whether my health would ever normalize. Needless to say, I eventually recovered!

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