Robert Samsel

Administrative and Marketing Specialist

Pronouns: he/him/his

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms
Robert Samsel

Lessons from working in Healthcare

Hi, I’m Robert, a member of the Cherry Blossom Healing Arts administrative team. Chances are, I’ll be the first person you interact with when choosing to become our patient!

After a fulfilling but challenging career in the art business, Cherry Blossom Healing Arts helped me shift my perspective. Observing our patients invest in their health and wellbeing inspires me to rethink some of my personal goals in life. There’s nothing more precious than health and vitality, and it brings me great pleasure to help our patients enjoy a seamless journey in their healing process.

Building a Welcoming Environment

My values center around inclusiveness, cooperation, and empathetic communication. Healing spaces inclusive of different backgrounds bring to light the fundamental commonalities within our human experience. I believe that if we all chose to make the slightest effort in listening to one another more, our understanding and knowledge of the world and the people in it would improve by leaps and bounds.

We Care About Your Experience!

WSStress, Insomnia, Back Pain

Cherry Blossom delivers on every level!

I started seeing Elyse at Cherry Blossom Healing Arts four years ago and it has improved my life significantly! Before I started treatment, I didn't believe acupuncture worked and now I'm converted! Elyse has fixed some old medical issues and helps me manage my ongoing and new ailments. From the effectiveness of the treatment to the warm and inviting office, Cherry Blossom delivers on every level. When the office could finally reopen after COVID lockdown, I made an appointment immediately because I knew Cherry Blossom would follow the highest level of safety protocols and make sure I could continue treatment without risking my health. Cherry Blossom is a great place with fantastic people, especially Elyse!

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