Dr. Shannan Walker, DTCM, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.

Associate Acupuncturist

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Cherry Blossoms

I Enjoy Helping People in Washington, DC 

I’m new to the District and I enjoy visiting the museums when I’m not working. In my free time, I like working out, trying new restaurants, meeting new people, and helping people in my community heal. I like to use Eastern and Western techniques and modalities to help my patients reach their health goals.

Cherry Blossoms
Dr. Shannan Walker, DTCM, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.

Helping People Live Their Best Life

Studying Chinese Medicine gave me the tools to help people live a better life. I follow the same practices on myself that I recommend to my patients. I listen to my patients and try to help them with whatever is bothering them.

I Was Introduced to Alternative Medicine at a Young Age

I suffered from blinding sinus headaches as a teenager. I had every test, x-rays & CNT scans available—and they found nothing. I was given a lot of prescriptions each time I went to the doctor. I never went anywhere without my meds.

Fortunately, a childhood friend of mine had a sister who was very health conscious and talked my mother into pursuing an alternative approach. This was the beginning of my natural health journey.

My Educational Journey

I completed my undergraduate studies at Xavier University of New Orleans. I have a Masters in traditional Chinese medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine ( PCOM) Chicago. I later went on to complete my Doctorate in Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine San Diego.

Online Professional Profiles

Live Your Best Life


...it has really taken my personal health to a whole new level.

Started coming to deal with stress in my life and they have been amazing—between techniques and Chinese herbs it has really taken my personal health to a whole new level.

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